10 Headlines: Click Bait or Curiosity You Decide

I marvel at the stories that entertainment and lifestyle writers come up with. They go from bazaar to how did you come up with that. I love to read the headlines. I’ve looked at some of the best ones, and I’m sharing them with you.

Celebs With The Worst Teeth

Athletes With Questionable Personal Hygiene

Celebrities That 2020 Took Away From Us Far Too Soon

Bella Hadid flashes a glimpse of her taut midriff as she frolics in the snow following heavy snowstorm in New York

The 3 Worst Moves You Can Make If the Stock Market Crashes in 2021

Lane Kiffin tells Ole Miss player to fake injury in most blatant way yet

Here’s the never-before-seen Simpsons video game dreamt up for Sega Dreamcast

Mark Hamill Reacts To “Real Triumph” Of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Finale’s Surprise Appearances

The Best Book Covers of 2020

Grey’s Anatomy boss responds to Meredith’s midseason finale cliffhanger

The Next Steps

In summary: Headlines are important. When it comes to putting the cherry on top, you’ll need a catchy headline to finish your writing.

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